Book list!!

I’ve been working at a university library since the Spring of 2008. During that time I have routinely come across books that look like I”d like to read or browse. After collecting this list on random pieces of paper scattered about, I thought writing it out would be helpful. And what might be even more helpful would be to share it, in case anyone things that these books look interesting to them! I don’t have time to read them all, so if anyone reads one of these I’d love to hear back from you on how it was! Anyways, I think I’ll continue to add to this list in this blog post instead of hoarding it all to myself!!

I’ll work on ordering and numbering it better at some point, but for now, here it is!!  Auto numbering from Apple’s Page’s program, does not carry over in the copy and paste, just FYI!!

Individualism and collectivism, by Harry C. Triandis, Pub. by Westview Press in Boulder, 1995. Divinity Library 30081026807507. This is a book Natasha R. enjoyed and it is about how individualists vs collectivists think. It gives more evidence of why Natasha and I enjoyed each others company so much. I think we are both individualists struggling to live in collectivist societies (I don’t know about England personally, but at least in Nashville that is the case.)

Thoughts without a thinker, by Mark Epstein, Pub. by BasicBooks of the Perseus Books Group, 1995 in NYC. This is Psychotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective. There is a forward by the Dalai Lama, Divinity Library- BQ 4570.P76 E67 1995

The Introverted Leader, by Jennifer Kahnweiler.
Mystery writers of america presents: Show business is murder
Polytonic Rythmic services – lots of scales in lots of variations for every instrument. M 781.65 D358p v.1-19 in music library.
Get a financial life (missed author – heard on NPR on 9/19/09 on Marketplace money).
Learning to be a person in society, by Peter Jarvis. LC 101.J375 2009
Lies my teacher told me, by James Loewen, Cen W 175.85.L64 2007
Letting go of God, by Julia Sweeny
The Unbearable Lightness of Being(most famous and made into a movie), and Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera (recommended by Lyndsy Pruett
Heard on NPR 12/24/09 – by the interfailth amigos. “Getting to the heart of Interfailth”
Einstein and Zen
Spirit, Science, and Health. By Plante adn Thoresen. Published by Praeger, DIV BT 732.5.S665 2007
the mindfulness solution to pain by Dr. Jackie Gardner mix and Lucie Costin-Hall, Pub. by Harbinger Publications, inc., 2009
The untouched key: tracing childhood trauma in creativity and destructiveness, by Alice, Miller
I’m only bleeding: Education as teh practic of violence against children, by Alan A Block., Pub. by Peter Lang, 1997, Vandy call #: EDUC LB 191.4.B56 1997
The Credential Society, by Randall Collins, pub. by Academi Press, Inc., 1979, Vandy call #: EDUC LC 189.C55
Education as Enforcement, 2nd ed.: The militarization and corporatization of schools, Ed by Kenneth J. saltman and David A. Gabbard, Pub. by Routledge, 2003, Vandy Call # LC 191.4.E36 2011
In Praise of Slowness: How a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed, by Carl Honore, Pub: HarperSanFrancisco, 2004, Vandy call# Peab BJ 1498.H66 2004
The mind of the bible believer, by Edmund Cohen, pub by Prometheus Books, 1986, Vandy call # EDUC BS 645.C63 1986
Vitality Energy Spirit, a Taoist Sourcebook, Translated and edited by Thomas Cleary, Pub. by Shambhala Dragon Editions, C.1991, vandy call# Div. BL1900.A1 V58 1991
Place and placelessness, by E.C. Relph or Rolph. pub 1976, Pion Limited.
Imagination in the Later Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, ed. Lodi Nauta and Detlev Patzold, pub. by Peeters, 2004, CEN BF 408>I465 2004
Notebook of the Mind, explorations of thinking, revised edition, by Vera John-steiner, pub by oxford uni press, 1997, CEN BF 408.J5 1997
Education from the Heart, a Jungian symbolic perspective, by Carlos Amadeu Botelho Byington, pub by Chiron Publications, 2010
The Big Test, by Nicholas Lemann, pub by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, NY, 1999, 2000
Duality of the Mind, a bottom up approach toward Cognition, by Ron Sun, Pub by Lawrence Erlbaum associates, publishers, 2002
Contraception, a history, by Robert Jutte, pub. by Polity Press, 2008
Hooking up, by Kathleen A. Bogle, pub by NYU press, 2008
Creative collaboration, by Vera John-Steiner, pub oxford Uni press, 2000
The Assault on Reason, by Al Gore
The Awakened Heart, by Gerald G. May, M.D., pub by HarperSanFranscisco, 1991
Daydreaming, by F. Diane Barth, pub by Penguin books, 1997
Live Rich, by Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine, pub by Harper Perennial,1998
Late Night Thoughts on Listening to Mahler’s Ninth Symphony, by Lewis Thomas, pub. by Viking Press, 1983
The Working Poor, by David K. Shipler, pub byVinstage Books, 2005
ReFraming, by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, pub by Real People Press, 1982
Form in Music, by Wallace Berry, 2nd ed, Prentice hall, 1986
Tonal Harmony, by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne, 4th ed, 200, McGraw Hill
Materials and Techniques of Twentieth-Century Music, by Stefan Kostka, Prentice Hall, 1999
Counterpoint, 4th ed., by Kent Kennan, Prentice Hall, 1999
A History of Western Music, by Donald Grout, pub by W.W. Norton and Company, 6th ed, 2001
Harmony, by Walter Piston
The Compass of Pleasure, by David Linden, pub. by viking, 2011
The blank slate, by teven Pinker, pub by Viking, c 2002
On human nature, by Wilson
The antichrist, by Neitche
The child as musician: a handbook of musical development, ed. by Gary Mcpherson, pub by Oxford U. Press, c. 2006
The four aggreements: a practical guide to personal freedom, by Ruiz, Miguel, pub. by Amber Allen, 1997
The power of music: pioneering discoveries in the new science of song, by Elena Mannes, pub by Walker and Co,, 2011
De Materia Medica, by Dioscorides Pedanius, of Anazaorbos, Translated by Lily Y. Beck, pub. 2005 by Olms-Verlag Weidmann, Hildesheim-Zurich-NY,
Reality is Broken, by Jane Mcgonigal
Georg Letham, Physician and murderer, c.2010, archipelago books
Unstuck, by James gordon, pub by the penguin press, NY 2008
Predictably irrational, by Dan Ariely
Ways of seeing, by john Berger, 1984, call numb. Art N 743.W39 1984
Different, by youngme moon, pub croann business, random house, 2010
How writers journey to comfort, and fluencey, by robert Boice, Praeger, 1994.
Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbron
Work of nations, by robert Reich, 1991, Random House. (Why the rich get richer, etc.)
Secrets of self Healing, by Dr. Maoshing Ni
Morality and Health, ed. by Allan M Brandt and Paul rozin, By richard Shweder, Pub 1997, by Routledge, London, NYC
Philosophy in the Flesh, by George Lahoff and Mark Johnson, pub. 199, basic books/Peseus books group, NYC
So what are you going to do with that? finding careers outside academia, by Susan Basalla and Maggie Debelius, pub.Univ. of Chicago Press, 2007
The ethics of ambiguity, by Simone De Beauvoir, trans. by Bernard Frechtman, pub by Citadel Press, NY, 1948
Decarte’s Error, by Antonio Damasio, c1994, Penguin Books
The flight of the creative class, by Richard Florida, pub Harper Business/Harper Collins, c.2005.
Structure and improvisation in creative teaching, ed. by R. Keith Sawyer, pub. Cambridge Uni Press, 2011
Upheaval of Thought: The intelligence of Emotions, by Martha C. Nussbaum, pub by Cambridge University Press, c.2001
The cheese and the worms: the cosmos of a 16th century miller. By Carlo Ginzburg
Explaining Science; a cognitive approach, by Ronald Giere, c.1988, University of Chicago Press. Also: Understanding scientific Reasoning, same author (who is a philosophy professor.)
Four faces of Anger, by Gertrude Gillette, pub. 2010, University press of America, Cen BV 4627.A5 B56 2010
Things that make us smart, by Donald Norman, Pub, Perseus Books, 1993
Models of the family in modern societies, ideals and realities, by Catherine Hakim, pub by Ashgate publishing co., 2003
Discourse, consciousness, and time: the flow and displacement of conscious experience in speaing and writing, by Wallace Chafe, pub by The University of Chicago Press, 1994
Retromania: pop culture’s addiction to its own past, by Simon Reynolds, pub by Faber and Faber, inc., 2011
The rise of the agriculture welfare state, by Adam D. Sheingate, pub by Princeton University Press, c.2001
The order of things: An achaeology of the human sciences, by MIchel Foucault, Routledge classics, 2002
Anti-intellectualism in America, by Richard Hofstadter, pub. Alfred A Knopf, NYC, 1964
Sexual Evolution, by Rhonda Levand, pub.1991, Celestial Arts
When Flesh becomes word: an anthology of early eighteenth-century libertine literature/ed. by Bradford K. Mudge, Oxford Uni press, 2004
Capitalism and Christians, by Arthur Jones, pub.1992, Paulist Press
The Mystic Spiral, journey of the soul, by Jill Purce, pub. 1974, Avon Publishers of Bard, Camelot, Dscus, Equinox and Flare Books
Willpower: rediscovering the greatest human strength, by Roy Baumeister, pub.2011, Penguin Press
The art of the start: the time-tested, battle-hardened guide for anyone starting anything, by Guy Kawasaki, pub in 2004 by Portfolio (part of Penguin).
What every body is saying, b Joe Navarro, pub by Harper Collins Books, 2008.
The body in pain: teh making and unmaking of the world, by Elaine Scarry, pub 1985 by Oxford University Press.
The Aesthetic Unconscious, by Jaques Ranciere, translated by Debra Keates and James Swenson, pub by polity press (English edition) 2009.
Reproduction in education, society, and culture, by Pierre Bordieu, Pub. by Sage publications, 1977
Justice without borders: cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and patriotism. By Kok-Chor Tan, Pub by Cambridge Uni Press, 2004.
Fear of small numbers, by Arjun Appadurai. Pub by Duke University Press, 2006
Emotional Sobriety, by Tian Dayton, pub by Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL,, 2007
Net Locality: why location matters in a networked world. By Eric Goldon, pub. 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
Out of Poverty: what works when traditional approaches fail. By Paul Polak. Pub by BK: Berrett Koeler, 2008
The information, by James Gleick, pub by Pantheon Books, 2011
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ – suggested by Joe Ledzion
Siblings: Brothers and sisters of children with special needs, by kate Strohm, c.2002, Wakefield Press.
Extremely Loud and incredibly close, by Johnathan SAfron Fuer, c.2005, First Mariner Books.
Mobile Lives, by Anthony Elliott, c.2010, pub. by Routledge.
John Dewey and the decline of American Education, how the patron saint of schools has corrupted teaching and learning, by Henry T. Edmondson III, c.2006, pub. by ISI books
Einstein and Zen, Learning to Learn, by Corad P. Pritscher, c.2010, Peter Lang Publishing.
Depression runs in families, by Constance Hammen, c.1991, pub. by Springer-Verlag
Things that make us smart: defending human attributes in the age of the machine, by Donald Norman, c. 1993, Perseus Books
Bounded rationality: the adaptive toolbox, ed. by G. Gigerenzer and R. Selten, c.2001, MIT (Goal of this Dahlem workshop: to promote bounded rationality as the key to understanding how actual people make decisions without utilities and probabilities.).
Adaptive thinking: rationality in the real world, by Gerd Gigerenzer, c.2000, by Oxford University Press
Fertilizers, Pills, and Magnetic Strips, by Gene v Glass, pub.2008, Information age publishing.
The Nigger Bible, by Robert H. DeCoy, pub.1967, Holloway House publishing company
MIndset, by Carol S. Sweck, c.2006 by Ballantine
Know Your Fats by Mary Enig
The transformation of American politics: activist government and the rise of Conservatism. Ed. by Paul Pierson and Theda Skocpol, c.2007, Princeton University Press, Cen JK 421.T82 2007
Remaking America, democracy and public policy in an age if inequality, ed by Joe Soss, Jacob S. hacker, and Suzanne Mettler, c.2007, pub. Russel Sage Foundation
Mind in the making: the seven essential life skills every child needs, by Ellen Galinsky, pub. by Harper Studio, 2010
Embodied Cognition, by Lawrence Shapiro, c.2011, by Routledge.
Lines: a brief history. By Tim Ingold, by Routledge
Modern social imaginaries, by Charles Taylor (philosopher, look him up.), c.2004, Duke University Press.
Integrating and sustaining habits of mind, ed by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, c.2000, pub. by ASCD
Stumbling on happiness, by Daniel Todd Gilbert, c.2007, pub. by Alfred A knopf
The idea of the American University, ed. by Bradley C.S. Watson, c.2011, lexington books
Rich Benjamin is the author of “Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America” and a senior fellow at Demos, a nonpartisan research center.
The Healing of America, by Charles Martin, c.2004, pub. W Publishing group
Noise, the political economy of Music, by Jacques Attali, c.1977, University of Minnesota Press, trans. by Brian Massumi (theory and history of literature, vol. 16), Cen ML 3795.A913 1985
The divided mind: the epidemic of mindbody disorders, by John e. Sarno, c.2006, pub. Regan books
Handbook of music and emotion, by Patrik Juslin and John A. Sloboda, c.2010, pub. by Oxford uni. press, Cen. ML 3830.H195 2010
Policing the poor, from slave plantation to public housing, by Neil Websdale, Northeastern University press, c.2001
Seize the time, by bobby seal
How to be Black, by Baratunde Thurston, c.2012, pub. Harper
Cunning intelligence in Greek culture and society, by M. Detienne and J.-P Vernant, trans. Janet Lloyd, c.1978, pub. The Harvester Press Sussex/The Humanities Press – New Jersey
Literacy with an attitude: educating working-class children in their own self-interest, by Patrick J. Finn, c.1999, state university of new york.
Roman manliness: virtus and the Roman Republic. By Myles Anthony McDonnell c.2006, Cambridge Uni Press.
Broccoli and desire: global connection sand Maya struggles in postwar Guatemala, by Edward F. Fischer, Peter Benson. c.2006, Stanford University Press.
The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie….we read it for bookclub ;o)
Kombucha phenomenon: the miracle health tea: how to safely make and use Kombucha, by Betsy Pryor, c.1995/96, Sierra sunrise publishing
History of a pleasure seeker: a novel, by Richard Mason, c.2011, pub. Alfred A knopf.
Free School teaching, by Kristan Accles Morrison, pub. by State University of NY press, Albany, c.2007
Why Freud was wrong, by Richard Webster, pub byBasic books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers, 1995
Wealth and power, survival in a time of Global Accumulation, by Duran Bell, Pub by Altamira Press, c.2004 Cen HB 251.B45 2004b
Mostly Harmless Econometris, an empiricist’s companion, by Joshua D. Angrist and Jorn-Steffen Pischke, c.2009, Princeton University
Ethics, by Spinoza
Author: William James, or something – psychologist Paul Morphy mentioned, also that book that sounded gnostic to me…..
Presentationzen, simple ideas on presentation design and delivery, by Garr Reynolds, c.2012, New Riders
Proust and the squid: the story and science of the reading brain, by Maryanne Wolf, c.2007, pub. by Harper (imprint of Harper Collins Publishers).
The affective turn: theorizing the social, ed. by Patricia Ticento Clough, with Jean Halley;forward by Michael Hardt, c.2007, Pub. by Duke University Press, Durham and London.
Children Bound to Labor, Ed. by Ruth Wallis Herndon And John E. Murray, c.2009, pub by Cornell University Press
A people’s History of America, by Howard Zinn
A people’s HIstory of Poverty in America, byStephen Pimpare, c.2008, The new Press.
The politics of history, by Howard Zinn
The accumulation of freedom: writings on anarchist economics/ed. by Derek Shannon, Anthony J Nocella, and John Asimakopoulos, c.2012, AK Press, Oakland, Edinburg
The craft of power
The art of war
The politics of Time, ed by Henry J. Rutz, c.1992, pub by American Anthropological Association.
Music of the Heart, by Roberta Guaspari, c.1999, Hyperion
Memory Slips, by LInda Katherine Cutting, c.1997, Harper Collins Publishers
The Soul’s Code, by James Hillman, c.1996, pub by Random House
The Sibling Society, by Robert Bly, c.1996, Pub. by Addison Wesley Publishing Company
American Musical LIfe, by Richard Crawford, c.2001, pub. by W.W. Norton and Company, Ltd.
Patterns of Culture, by Ruth Benedict, c.1959, pub. byThe New American Library
Oracy Matters, ed. by Margaret Maclure, Terry Phillips, and Andrew Wilkinson, c.1988, by Open University Press
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, by Erving Goffman, c.1959, pub. by Anchor Books
Synergic Power, beyond Domination, beyond Permissiveness, Power to use With people, not over or against them, by James H and Marguerite Craig, c.1979, by Pro-active Press
When Corporations rule the world, 2nd ed, by David C. Korten, c.1996, pub by Kumarian Press
Play, How it shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and invigorates the soul, by Stuart Brown, MD, c.2009, pub by Avery
I don’t have to make everything all better, by Gary and JOy LUndberg, c.1995, pub by Viking
The Relaxation Response, By Herbert Benson, MD, c.1975, PUb, by Avon, publishers of Bard, Camelot, And Discus Books
The last word on The Gentle art of verbal self defense, by Suzette Haden Elgin, c.1987, pub. by Prentice Hall Pres
Not for the Poor Alone, european social services, by Alfred J. Kahn and Seheila B. Kamerman, c.1975, by Temple University Press
Human space, by Otto Friedrich Bollnow (1903-1991), c.1963, pub by Hyphen Press
Overcoming low self-esteem, by Melanie Fennell, c.1999, New York University Press
The Lifespan of a fact, by John D’Agata, c.2012, W.W. Norton and Company
The intuitive practitioner: on the value of not always knowing what one is doing, ed. by Terry Atkinson and Guy Claxton, c.2000, Open University Gut
Developing musical intuitions, by Jeanne Sapiro Bamberger, c.2000, oxford University Press
Where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation, c.2010, by Steven Johnson, pub. by Riverhead books/Penguin press (management library)
The Post-American world, release 2.0, c.2011, by Fareed Zakaria, pub by w.w.Norton and company (management library)
Human Flourishing, ed. by Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred D. Miller, Jr., and Jeffrey Paul, c.1999 by Social philosophy and policy organization , pub. by Cambridge University Press
Imagine, by Johah Lehrer, c.2010, pub. by Houghon Mifflin Harcourt
Percy Bysshe Shelley (1819) The Mask of Anarchy
Gardens, an essay on the human condition, by Robert Pogue
Gut Feelings, by Gerd Gigerenzer
Adaptive thinking: rationality in the real world, by Gerd Gigerenzer
Bounded rationality, the adaptive toolbox, ed. by G. gigerenzer and R. Selten.
Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert, c.2006 Alfred A Knopf
Space, Time, and Einstein, an introduction, by J. B. Kennedy, c.2003, pub. by McGill Queen University Press
Strangers to Ourselves, discovering the adaptive unconscious, by Timothy D. Wilson, c.2002, Pub. by The Belknap Press of HArvard University Press.
Leaving us to wonder: an essay on the questions science can’t answer, by Linda Wiener and Ramsey Eric RAmsey, c.2005, state University of New York Press
MInd Sights, by Roger N. Shepard, c.1990, W.H. Freeman and Company, New York
A thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini, c.2007, pub. by Riverhead Books
Children, Education, and the first Amendment, c.1989, pub. by University of Nebraska Press
Who’s to say what’s obscene?, by Paul Krassner, c.2009, pub. by City Light books,
Landmarks in Linguistic thought 1: The western tradition from socrates to Saussure, 2nd ed, c.1997, Published by Routledge, London, NY
Creative aggression: the art of assertive living, by Dr. George R. Bach and Dr. Herb Goldber, c.1974, pub. by Avon
The mind and heart of love, by M. C. D’Arcy, c.1956, pub. by Meridian books, NY, 1976
The Heart of Stillness: the elements of spiritual discipline, by David A. Cooper, c.1992, pub. by Bell Tower, New York
Quick thinking on your feet: the art of triving under pressure, by Valerie Pierce, c.2003, pub. by barnes and nobles.
How old is the Universe, by David A. Weintraub, c.2011, Princeton University Press
The first book of codes and ciphers, by Sam and Beryl Epstein, pub. by Franklin Watts, inc., New york, NY
Taijiquan Classical Yang Style, by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, c.1999, pub by YMAA Publication center, Boston
Three-upmanship: the theory and practice of gamemanship, some notes on lifemanship, one-upmanship, by Stephen Potter, c.1962, pub. by Hot, Rinehart, and Winston
Pedagogy of the oppressed, by Paolo Freire, trans. by Myra Bergman Ramos, c.1970, pub by Herder and Herder
Steal like an artist (10 things nobody told you about being creative), by Austin Kleon, c. 2012, Workman publishing company, New York.
Self-directed behavior: self-modification for personal adjustment, by David L. Watson, c.2007, pub byThomson Wadsworth
Empire of Liberty: a history of the early republic, 1789-1815, by Gordon S. Wood, Oxford Uni press, 2009
Parental belief systems: the psychological consequences for children, ed. by Irving E. Sigel, Ann V. McGillicuddy-Delisi, Jachueline J. Goodnow
Max Weber, on capitalism, Bureacracy and Religion, a selection of texts, ed. by Stanislav Andreski, c.1983, pub by George Allen and Unwin
Harry Potter’s World, Multidisciplinary Critical Perspectives, ed by Elizabeth E. Heilman, c.2003, pub by Routledge Falmer (in Peabody Library).
Entertaining ourselves to death
The Greeing of america
Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming, by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, ed. by John O. Stevens, c. 19799, pub. by Real People press.
The shift: the future of work is already here, by Lynda Gratton, c.2011, Harper Collins (the author asserts her moral right to be identified as the author of this work…how about legal right?)….
On violence: a reader/ed. by Bruce B. Lawrence and Aisha Karim (looks excellent, about the violence of systems on the planet), c.2007, Duke University Press
No future without forgiveness, by Desmond Tutu
Boys don’t cry, boys and sexism in education, c.1988, by Sue Askew and Carol Ross, pub. by Open University Press
You can’t say You can’t play, by Vivian Gussin Peley, c. 1992, pub by Harvard University Press
King Leopolds Ghost and “To end all wars.” by Adam Hochschild
The power of the gaze: an introduction to visual literacy, by Janne Seppanen, translated by Aijaleena Ahonen and Kris Clarke, c.2006, Peter Lang Publishing, NYC
The myth of the normal curve, by Curt Dudley-Marling, c.2010, pub. by Peter Lang Publishing
The myth of ability: nurturing mathematical talent in every child, by John Mighton, c.2003, pub. by Walker and company
Water for food in a changing world, ed. by Alberto Garrido and Helen Ingram, c.2011, pub by Routledge.
Metaphors we live by, by George Lakoff and Mark Johonson, c.1980, by University of Chicago press
The Math Gene, How mathematical thinking evolved and why numbers are like gossip, by Keith Devlin, c.2000, pub. by basic books
Gender and material culture in historical perspective, ed. by Moira Donald and LInda Hurcombe, c.2000, Macmillan Press/St. Martin’s Press.
The demolished man, by Alfred Bester (original sci fi book…..), c.1951, pub. by Vintage books.
The spirit level: why greater equality makes societies stronger, by Richard Wilkinson and Kate PIckett, c.2009, pub. by Bloomsbury Press
Precious comodity” providing water for American cities, by Martin V. Melosi, c.2011, pub by Uni of Pittsburgh Press
Hippocrates shadow: secrets from the house of medicine, by David H. Newman, M.D., c.2008, pub by Scribner
Thinking, fast and slow, by DAniel Kahneman, c.2011, pub by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
The violinist’s thumb: and other lost tales of love, war, and genius, as written by our genetic code, by Sam Kean, c.2012, pub. by Little Brown and Company
This is your brain on music, by Daniel Lefitin, c.2006, pub. by Penguin Book.
Organizing for the creative person, by Dorothy Lehmkul and Dolores Cotter Lamping, c.1993, Crown Trade Paperbacks, NYC
Bodymind Liberation, by Robert Henley Woody, c.1980, pub.Charles C. Thomas Publisher.
The mindful way through depression: freeing yourself from chronic unhappiness, by Mark Williams, et al, c.2007, pub by The Guilford Press
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression: a new approach to preventing relapse, by Zindel, c.2002, The Guilford Press.
American Theocracy, by Kevin Phillips
Magical Child, by JOseph Chilton Pearce, c.1977, Bantam Books
Deschooling society, by Ivan Ilich
Ratio, by Michael Ruhlman, pub by Scribner, 2009
Earth Children or Outlander, by Jean Avel
Feeling good: the new mood therapy, by David Burns, pub. by William Marrow and co., 1980
Illness and Self in Society, by Herzlich and Pierret
Mindless eating, by Brian Wansink, c. 2006, pub. by Bantam books
Divorce Poison: protecting the child-parent bond from a vindictive ex, by Richard Warshah, c. 2001, pub by Regan Books
Eat this and live, by Don Colbert
The unpopular Mr. Lincoln: the story of the most reviled American President, by Larry Tagg, pub. 2009, by Savas Beatrice, LLC
The bible, by Karen Armpstrong, C. 2007, NYC, Grove Press
The play form sutra, by Red Pine, c. 2006, Shoemaker and Howard, Emeryville, CA
Actually, it is your parent’s fault, by Phillip van Munching and Vernie Katz, phd, pub by St. Martin’s Griffin
We love each other, but, by Dr. Ellen Watchel
John Henry Newman, Apologia Pro Vita Sua, The first Christian Centuries by Paul Mckechnie
The Christian Tradition, by Jaroslav Pelikan
The Catholic Church, by Hans Kung
The Physics of Christianity, by Frank J. tipler, pub. by Doubleday
Religions, A-Z by James bbeverley
The roots of violence in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Abraham’s curse, by Bruce Chilton
Called to communion, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
The Yes of Jesus Christ, by Pop Benedict, 16th
Pagan Christianity, by Frank viola and George Barna Tyndalc
Almost Catholic, by Jon M Sweeney
Catholic Customs and Traditions, by Greg Dues
The World’s Religions, by Huston Smith
The Soul of Rumi, a new collection of ecstatic poems, transl. by coleman Barks, c.2001, pub by HarperSanFrancisco.
In over our heads: The mental demands of Modern life, by Robert Kegan, c. 1994, pub by Harvard Uni Press.


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