Writing, reading, travel…

Thoughts float through my mind like music once did. I try to grab them like I’d grab a ham sandwich, but can only experience them like floating in an ocean. As wave after wave passes and my tension passes, so do my thoughts…I can only make them concrete by writing them down, but then I create something new from them that also must be carried away by even larger waves, crashing the castles on the sand to make way for a new day.

Traveling for me is like learning a piece of music – it takes prep, takes learning, but still the reality is not the same as the practice room and it takes practice and repetition!

I try to read my words, but like the bits and pieces of music that sound so fantastic in my head as I write them down, they are ultimately a disappointment when I read them, not the same experience….same words, different meaning…but then I work with them a bit and a new warmth can occasionally come, my heart turns towards the words, recognizes them, and is somehow grateful for them, grateful for the work, the life that led to them, and the life that continues after them, colored or cleaned up a bit more by a new self realization.


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