Words of power

Here is a thought I had the other day: “Some people who are trying to use power will refuse to explain the meaning of the words and use a lot of specialty words and abbreviations. Then if you don’t know the meaning of this code, they will see you as not part of their in-group and therefore not cool or safe or allowed.”

This is a confusing subject and I’m sure many other people know much more about it than I do. A lot of times it depends on context. When I am grumpy sometimes I will resist explaining myself – but I usually do – you just have to deal with me dealing with my mood, which is often entertaining as I alchemize my bad moods through humor or intellectualizing or a combo of both.  Sometimes a person may be in a hurry and have no time or energy to teach, even though they might want to.  Some things we do because that is who we are, other things we do because of the circumstances we are tied to…