Crock-pot weekly! What’s cooking good looking?

Every week I make one or two crock-pots full of a soup that I eat for breakfast and lunch. It is never quite the same. This morning after eating a bowl of this stuff with some raw broccoli, a hard boiled egg, and a cup of green tea, I just got really excited and wanted to share what I threw in the pot this morning. My breakfast was just so delicious and satisfying to my stomach that perhaps others might want to try this!

So here we go! Today’s Crock-pot contents: a couple cups of lentils and split peas, chopped Onion, Fennel, carrots, radishes, and cabbage, a few pieces of chopped up stew beef, Hungarian Paprika, Pepper, Himalayan salt, and finally, doused with the broth I have been cooking in the Crock-pot for the last 24 hours, made from the carcass of the two Cornish hen’s I ate this past week, a chopped onion, water, salt and pepper.

I’ll let this cook until I go to bed tonight. I finished this creation somewhere around 10:15-10:30, so that should give it a whole 11 or 12 hours to cook on low making the house smell even more delicious than the broth by itself made it smell! That’s all for now! Let me know if you want to try it and if you have questions! Post your creations in the comments! I’m always looking for more ideas!